I’m tEMMIE wit TEM sHOP tO-gO @ PAX eEST!!!11

Tem Shop Temmie



you went to PAX East 2016 and saw me in my wheelchaired Temmie costume and my
to-go Tem shop, come say hi! (If that’s you in the image, I want to credit you!)

is a lovely RPG with the stereotypical setup of a human among monsters, with
many awesome spins on the usual game mechanics. You make choices in the game,
and it affects things. It’s short, so go into this game blind (seriously, don’t
don’t look up anything else to avoid spoilers) and go get the game.

at the con and in my costume, I got asked a few questions like “Are you
okay? Are you handicapped?”, and I figured that more people are curious.
This post covers more of the circumstances and inspiration for this costume.

writing this while on the train traveling back home, so hopefully it’s more
coherent as Temmie spe3k!

Why wheelchair?

a quick background, I broke all my ankle bones in one fell swoop a few months
back. I had to stay in bed for months. Everything in my life stopped.

knew I was going to PAX East, but I was going to work on costumes literally
around the time I broke my ankle. I couldn’t do anything. Once I was off of
medical leave, I wobbled to work on crutches. But since both my hands needed to
be in holding crutches, I couldn’t stand, hold or carry things, much less do my
usual crafting that definitely needs me standing, crouching to find stuff, and
moving back and forth.

later learned that I because I was taking the train, I could go to PAX East. To
make things easier, my doctor strongly recommended me to go in a wheelchair.

Design atTEMpts

wanted to design a costume that took advantage of the wheelchair aspect. I was
temporarily handicapped, so I wanted to have a unique design to that made the
wheelchair a key element.

I was suggested to do a costume from a wheelchaired Batman character or a Mario
kart player, but I was only renting the wheelchair for a short time. They were rentals, so I could not permanently affix things. The rental fee was not so cheap, so I couldn’t get it weeks beforehand, measure out proportions, and figure out how to
easily append things to the wheelchair.

travel still wasn’t easy, from taking a car to the train station, then a 12
hour train ride to Boston. So whatever it was had to be light, portable, easy
to attach, and super collapsible.

And PAX East 2016 was slowly approaching.

TEMpting character choice

had wanted to do some Undertale character. So it occurred to me, randomly, while standing
outside, what costume would take advantage of the wheelchair:  a costume with a table. Table props normally would be heavy to carry, but if it’s light, it can attach to a wheelchair. 

costume with a table. An incredibly crappy table. With a really crappy paint
job. So maybe a shopkeeper…?

you’ve played Undertale, you may have ran into the incredibly derpy shopkeeper,
Temmie, who has ambitions to go to colleg(e), but with a bad spending habit of
buying all your stuff.

was perfect.

drew out some designs, and came up with sketches.


tEM-pting fate: The costume that almost did not happen

9 days before the con (and 6 days before leaving the house for the con), I got
the OK from my doctor to stand.

more crutches. I can easily pattern, cut, go to thrift stores, hunt down what I
needed and do all the things I wanted to.

I had a time limit. If my foot swelled up, I needed to pause for an hour or
more. So, I had no choice but to take it slow, and I was running out of time.

yeah, I had usual work research to do too. LOL


don’t do what I did. I don’t usually just work on costumes less than a week
before the con starts. But, hopefully, you see the logic and circumstances that made this happen (and almost not happen).

I’ll go over the
more technical features of this costume in a later post, but I wanted to cover
the motivations and inspirations for this character, and hopefully give you
some ideas on how to design your own costumes.

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